Smart Thermostat in Bristol

Offering our smart thermostat services across Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas.

Smart thermostats are a great addition to your home, and we can help with the a brand new smart thermostat in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area.. At Fastfix Heating & Home Services Ltd, we have over 15+ Years of experience in the industry, along with being a member of Checkatrade. If you'd like to get in touch with us, please do so by calling us on, 07432 401972.

Smart Thermostats in Bristol

If you're local to us in Bristol, Bath or the surrounding areas, then let us help with your smart thermostat needs. A smart thermostat makes managing and controlling your heating a lot easier and we will install and show you how to use your new smart thermostat. Below, we've explained some of the reasons/benefits for you before you go ahead with purchasing a smart thermostat. 

Smart Thermostats can help reduce your Energy Bills

Smart thermostats can actually help to reduce your energy bills. How? This is because your smart thermostat begins to learn your routines and adjusts its activity based on your routines. This means that you can get the very best out of your smart thermostat without having to manually adjust your thermostat. Having to manually adjust your thermostat means you may end up wasting unnecessary energy. An example of it learning your routines is when you leave for work during the morning at a set time and return home at a set time. 

Great Control From Your Fingertips

With smart thermostat, you can have exceptional control from your fingertips. What this means is, your smart thermostat can be operated from your smartphone device. For example, if you were to arrive home at unexpected time, you can adjust your smart thermostat wherever you want and whenever you want. 

Less Hassle and Great Results 

As you can see from the benefits above, there's plenty of reason to have a smart thermostat for your home. A smart thermostat means there's less hassle and better results. Not only can your smart thermostat lear your routines, it can help to save money on your energy bills and you can use the smart thermostat from your smartphone device. 

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Now that you're aware of the benefits of smart thermostats and you more about our services in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas, why not get in touch with us? You can reach us by either sending us an email via our email address at, or by using the contact form on our website to send us a message. Finally, you can give us a call via our phone number on, 07432 401972 If you'd like to see the work that we've done for our customers, take a look at our gallery page. To read the reviews that our customers have, head on over to the reviews page

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