New boiler install in Southampton

So this is my first blog since I went back packing I doubt this will be quite as interesting but much more informative.

So in this blog I will go through the installer of a new boiler in Southampton.

Magnacleanse to clean the heating system

Firstly I chemically cleaned the central heating system with a Magnacleanse and chemicals I find this is the quickest and most efficient way to clean a heating system, there many other ways to do but this is my preferred method. Then I always install a magnaclean filter for long tears protection against corrosion.

Brand new Glowworm Ultimate 30c with a ten year warranty

I removed a 20 year old Worcester Bosch 24 cdi for a brand new Glowworm Ultimate 30c with a ten year warranty from the manufacturer. Which is pretty straightforward if you know what you are doing. Obviously anyone doing this sort of work has to be gas safe registered.

To do something like this usually take a day and half maybe two depending on how dirty the system is and how much pipework alterations. This job was very straight forex and didn’t need too many alterations.

Boiler installation with Boiler Plus in mind

This was my first boiler installation since boiler plus has come in which are new efficiency laws for combination boilers. I have fitted Glowworm own climapro 2 with a weather compensator. Which will adjust how the heating comes in in different weathers. I will go into this in future blogs.

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