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How Often Should You Have Your Boiler Serviced?

If your boiler isn’t running efficiently, it’s probably costing you money. As well as potentially using more energy, it could be damaging your heating system, leading to expensive repairs further down the line.

Having your boiler serviced will make sure it’s running smoothly. But just how often should you have your boiler serviced? Read on as we provide all the answers.

Annual is best for boiler servicing

Every year, the changing seasons provide different challenges for your boiler. In winter, it’s put to the test with the heating on most days and freezing temperatures through the night. In summer, it has to deal with longer periods of inactivity but still be on hand to provide hot water.

With all of this in mind, an annual service is the best way to keep your boiler in a good working condition and pre-empt any potential problems. How often you should have your boiler serviced is also determined by your warranty, with many manufacturers requiring an annual check-up to keep your warranty valid.

As a side note, we also recommend having your boiler serviced whenever you move into a new home. In many cases, you won’t know when or how often the boiler was serviced under the previous owner. A professional service after moving in will make sure you’re not wasting money from the get-go in your new home.

When should I book a service?

Having your boiler serviced annually is the most important thing to keep it working well and minimise disruption for your home. However, if you really want to stay on the ball, you can have your boiler serviced in summer.

First of all, engineers are less busy in the summer months, which means you’ll be able to get an appointment much quicker at a time that suits you. On top of that, if any issues are found when servicing your boiler, you won’t be left cold while it’s being repaired.

Booking your annual boiler service in summer or autumn will also make sure your boiler is fully prepared for the winter months when it’s needed pretty much every day.

The benefits of having your boiler serviced often

If you’re used to leaving your boiler in the background, hearing that an annual service is best may come as a shock. After all, is it really worth paying for your boiler to be serviced that often? In short, the answer is yes. Here’s why:

  • Warranty – An annual service will make sure your warranty is valid, so you’re not liable for any faults over the warranty period. It may also be a requirement for your home insurance, so be sure to check your policy.
  • Costs – Having your boiler serviced every year will make sure it’s running efficiently to keep your energy bills low. It also increases the lifespan of your boiler, allowing you to avoid the cost of major repairs and replacements for longer.
  • Peace of mind – Above all else, it will make sure any problems are nipped in the bud. That means no breakdowns, no cold nights waiting for repairs and definitely no cold showers. Just complete peace of mind that your boiler is doing its job.

Servicing your boiler

How often should you have your boiler serviced? You can’t go wrong with an annual check-up. Fastfix Heating makes that completely hassle-free with professional boiler servicing across the South West of the UK.

With Gas Safe and OFTEC registration, you can rely on us to keep your boiler working safely and efficiently all year round. We can even remind you when your next boiler service is due, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Call us on 0117 450 7400 to book your boiler service today.

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