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Different Types of Boilers to Install

So you're looking for a brand new boiler for your home, but you're unsure as to which type of boiler to choose, well look no further than this blog post! Large family houses to smaller properties and everything else, there's a boiler type out there to suit your needs and demands.

However, before we get right into this blog post, why not find out how Fastfix Heating and Home Services can help with installing a brand-new boiler across Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas. To find out, either visit our services page or simply give us a call on, 0117 450 7400 We look forward to hearing from you.

Conventional Boilers

The first boiler we want to discuss is a conventional boiler; this particular type of boiler often requires two water tanks in the loft, and also a hot water cylinder, which is usually placed in an upstairs cupboard. With this in mind, it deems conventional boilers not usually suitable for smaller homes, because they require a lot of free space.  Below is a short list of suitable properties and circumstances that would allow for a conventional boiler;

  • Properties with low water pressure, as they require a water pump.
  • Homes that has two or more bathrooms.
  • Larger homes with free loft space.
  • Properties with a high demand for hot water.
  • Older properties, especially properties with older radiator systems.

Combinational Boilers

Having quickly become the most popular boiler installed in the United Kingdom, Combinational boilers (Often known as 'combi-boilers') are much more cost-effective and take up very little room. As appose to storing water, they heat water instantly as and when you need it. Thus, making them a lot more efficient, because they do not require water tanks. Find out what kind of properties combinational boilers are better for below;

  • Properties with a low demand for hot water simultaneously.
  • Smaller houses with little to no loft space.
  • Smaller properties as they don't require a water pump; water is delivered at mains pressure.

System Boilers

The final boiler type that we want to discuss is system boilers. This kind of boiler is different to conventional boilers as they don't require water tanks in the loft area. Usually stored in an upstairs cupboard, they run off of one water cylinder. On top of this, all other components are built into at the boiler itself. System boilers are great for properties with little space; take a look at the additional circumstances that system boilers are suitable for;

  • Smaller properties; possibly homes without a loft.
  • Properties that has two or more bathrooms.
  • Houses that require a constant supply of hot water.


As you can see there is plenty of option for your new boiler and each boiler suits different properties, circumstances and demands. Hopefully you found this blog post useful for when you begin boiler shopping. If you'd like to find out more about how we can help with your boiler installation needs, please take a look at the contact details below.

Contact Us for a Boiler Installation in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas

Now that you're aware of the different boilers available and the considerations to make before you purchase your new boiler, why not get in touch with us here at Fastfix Heating & Home Service? Our services are available across Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas. To contact us, simply give us a call on, 0117 450 7400  or send us an email via our email address at, [email protected]. Finally, you can also use the contact form on our website to send us a message.

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